Mount McKinley – Denali

I would like to thank Colby Coombs of AMS ( and especially Tom Torkelson and Jeremiah Phelps for doing an absolutely awesome job guiding my team and I on Mount McKinley - Denali (6,194m/20,321ft) in Alaska in May 2014. Mount McKinley - Denali is one of the “Seven Summits” and is the highest mountain in North America.

This expedition was by far one of the most beautiful and also harsh environments I have ever experienced since mountaineering. I was quite well prepared having trained very hard for months getting ready. Unfortunately I had to turn back approximately two hours from the summit. The wind and cold were just too much for me.

I was quite happy to get back down the from the mountain safely which of course is the most important. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to return for another attempt.