Mount Elbrus

On July 5, 2013 I summited Mount Elbrus (5,642m/18,510ft - West Summit) via the north route. Mount Elbrus (Russia - Caucasus Mountains) is the highest mountain in Europe and is one of the "Seven Summits". The North Route was a very long Summit Day with approximately 1,900m/6,233ft of ascent.

I would like to thank Anastasia Vasiliskova of ElbrusTours ( and my guide Valeri Indikov for a great expedition.

It was my first time to Russia. I found the people were very friendly and the scenery was gorgeous.

I had been warned in advance of how popular Vodka is in Russia. Fortunately for me my guide only had a small flask of some 90% proof "medicine" with him that warmed instantly my insides! He said it helped to stay healthy on the mountain.